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23 December 2000

Beth & I would like to wish you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

We also want to bring you up to date on some new additions to our site.

First of all, we have started the Matchbox 2001 1-75 series with the 1st five new releases. From what we understand the official 2001 US Model release announcement will not be known until January 17, 2001. We have also taken the 2000 series variation page that was on 4 pages and combined them into one page so that you do not have to click on each page to view it. Please take a close look at the 2000 pages, as there are a lot of new batch numbers and more variations listed. In the 2000 series, we replaced the column that showed you if there was a batch number or not and made that column a wheel variation column. There have been a lot of wheel changes so we thought that it would be of more assistance to you. Anyway, the next column shows batch numbers or No batch #ís, so it was kind of a repeat. Live and learn.

This year in the 2001 pages we will also be listing the entire range of Matchbox ROWíS, Australia, Germany, etc., on one page. If this is confusing, please let us know. The first column will show the BP Number of this years model, the MW number assigned (which is the same), and all the different Row numbers.

As the Matchbox 2001 series comes out it is a little confusing as to whether or not there will two variations like last year, one model with the Matchbox logo and the other without. We canít seem to get a definite answer as of yet. So far we have seen only the ones with the Matchbox Logo. The logo is much smaller that last years Matchbox 2000 logo, and in three of the 5 models I already have it is located in the rear where the license plate is. We had to use a magnifying glass to see it.

This brings us back to a comment we made several years ago about Mattel making different variations of each model just to increase sales. We took a lot of flap over that at the time, but still stick with those comments. Take a look at the 2000 1-100 series, 10,000 models with Matchbox 2000 logo and heaven knows how many without. If you wanted both, you spent twice as much (sometimes 1 - 20 times as much for a logo model) just to have a full collection. Take a look at eBay to see some of the prices paid for them. Then the wheel variation change, again more variations to buy, not to mention with and without batch numbers for those who like to collect all the different variations. The five packs are now showing up with different wheel variations or just one model being replaced with a different model. It seems these changes are becoming more widespread as time passes.

The Logo difference not only caused more money to be spent but also REALLY created a scalpers market. I would hate to think how much some of my fellow collectors spent trying to get just one model with the logo on it. I know we have spent hundreds of dollars just on gas money to find them. It has not been a fun time this year for us to collect them and if they do repeat last yearís idea of two different variations, we personally have decided not to worry about getting both. If we find them fine, and if not, well that is fine also. The main reason, the logo is so small anyway, most will not be able to see it. Secondly, after this year, it does not seem to be worth the trouble. We would rather put the money into finding some older Matchbox Models for our collection.

We also put a comment on several Matchbox Message boards about dealers charging more for certain models in the blister packs and Row window boxes then other models. This caused us to be removed from one Message board (user ID and password) and the message being deleted from others. Maybe we should have only put it on our board, but we felt it was important enough to put it on several. That is why in the future, we will list our comments on our own Message Board or in our Forum. Although this created a lot of hard feelings, my original comments were more of an observation than an accusation and meant to be informative rather that how it turned out. We expect to find online stores charging more due to the secondary market, but Authorized Mattel Dealers? We questioned this as a breech in principals, not a personal attack as those who preferred to take it in such a way. We do not apologize for it, and still stand by it. We received many emails supporting what we said, and only received one email against us. Every one of the supporting emails agreed with us, but they told us they did not want to go public with their comments. We understand that, and that is why we do not moderate our board (except for foul language), nor do we require you to put a valid email address or your real name. We feel there is a necessity for a Message Board where collectors can state how they feel and not fear repercussions from other collectors who might not agree with their opinions. So, you are invited to place your ads, for sale items, opinions, or whatever you want to place on our MESSAGE BOARD concerning Matchbox, Hot Wheels and other diecast, or email us directly HERE with your comments.

Again, we want to wish you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

Frank & Beth at Matchbox Haven

Thanks from Frank & Beth
Happy Collecting!

26 June 2000

I went to the Matchbox Toy show on Saturday this year instead of Friday so I could take my two grandchildren this year. Instead of putting my review on the message board, Iím putting it in this forum as it is quite long. First of all, I would again like to thank Mattel for putting on the show. My two grand children were quite surprised that they were given a free toy upon entering the door. More so surprised when they both got to try for another prize. Great luck for both, each won another prize. The childrenís section was again a welcome sight. Plenty for them to play with. PROBLEM: Radio controlled cars. My 5 year old waited for a hour and a half and never got a chance to try one. Unlike last year they had some control so the bigger children did not take over all the chances to play with one. TOY SHOW. Plenty to choose from if you have a lot of money to spend. Most prices now reflect Ebay prices. Did get lucky and found two vehicles I didnít have in a 2 for $5.00 box if you did not care about the package. Keystone and Kiddie Kar staff were polite and helpful as always. Prices on new items(1999 and 2000) very reasonable. If I did not get them through mail order I could have filled up a lot of bags for a few dollars. SCALPERS: Have never seen so many Hot Wheels & Matchbox Boxes being carried around in my life by one person. Hope they did not get a hernia carrying them. The only trades I made for Logo vehicles were from the Gentlemen from Germany who traded me five for five. The scalpers were asking anywhere from $4.00 for the Helicopter to $8.00 for the Plymouth Prowler. Went out to one mans car to see if he had anything I needed, when he opened the trunk the boxes started falling out. 4 boxes of Hot Wheels and many more of the 2000 Matchbox logo vehicles. No wonder we collectors cant find anything in the store. One gentlemen told me he got to go through 80 cases at the Wall Mart distribution center and took all the logo cars out. Now I know why I never find any at Wal-Mart even when they just stocked the shelves. I thought that except for the dealers no one would be let in carrying boxes, but there seemed to be no control over it. Its hell when you have to wait behind a scalper in the middle of a isle to complete his transactions so you can get through. It seems that all the Toy Shows are becoming the same thing over and over again. MATCHBOX TOY SHOW-More Hot Wheels and Beanie Babies than Matchbox. TOY SHOW TRUCK-Very nice model, I think that they did a excellent job on it. Might have not been what every one wanted, but I think its a excellent addition to my collection. OVERALL IMPRESSION OF THE SHOW: POOR TO GOOD(5 1/2). To many scalpers and prices to high. Hope the next years Toy Show at York is better than this one. Thanks from Frank & Beth
Happy Collecting!

12 June 2000

Its been a while since I posted any information on the Forum & News Site. We have been busy doing updates. So far we have added to our collection most of the models thur #55 both with and with out Matchbox 2000 tempa. All batch numbers found have been posted as of today. We have also found 3 models with new wheels. Will list later. We are also starting a Matchbox Cross Reference List, starting with most models since 1998. Since Mattel took over Matchbox, they changed the numbering system which makes the logging of vehicle confusing. The New page will list the MB, MW #s in 1997, 1998, 1999 & 2000. It will show you where the vehicle should be logged and under what number. This list should be up and running shortly. As we finish the 1998 thru 2000's we will add to the list(as time permits)all Matchbox and locations. If you find any mistakes, please let us know. Also, we will be changing our email address as we will be using MSN shortly. We will post the new email address. Thanks from Frank & Beth
Happy Collecting!

22 March 2000

The Year 2000 1-100 page is up and running. So far Numbers 1-25(less # 21)have been found and reported. Batch numbers and locations of batch numbers are listed as of today. This years ROW page is seperate from the 1-100 page due to limited space. The 1999 Row's are incorporated with the 1999 1-100 page. The Water Craft with Trailer already has three different wheel variations. Silver hub, white hub and black wheels. Please send us your batch numbers for the 2000's seperated by with and with out Matchbox 2000 tempa. Also continue to send batch numbers for the 1999's Models.
Happy Collecting!
02 March 2000
These are the results of the Matchbox Survey conducted by Frankís & Bethís Matchbox Haven. A total of 81 collectors answered the survey. Not all the questions were answered by all, so that is why the numbers do not always add up to 81.

Q-1. How would you describe yourself as a collector of Matchbox Vehicles?
Q-2. Do you feel that the variations listed are considered by yourself to be MAJOR or MINOR(These variations could be viewed at the Web Site)?
Q-3. Because of Charlie Mackís monthly update, do you attempt to find or collect the Minor Variations that are listed?
Q-4. If Minor Variations listed are not in the Encyclopedia of Matchbox Toys, how do you keep track of the different variations?
A Separate List-49
Do not keep records-32
Q-5. Do you consider Batch Number & Locations to be valid variations?
Q-6. Would you prefer that Charlie Mack make these variations part of the Encyclopedia?
Q-7. Would you prefer that the Minor Variations be made into a supplement to coincide with the encyclopedia and listed as A, B, C, etc. with the Major Variation Number?
Q-8. Would you prefer that the Minor Variations be assigned their own MB number or be listed as A, B, C, of the Major Variation and included in the Encyclopedia?
Q-9. Do you, as a Matchbox Collector, feel that the Minor Variations on the list should be included in the Encyclopedia of Matchbox Toys?
Q-10. Would you prefer that some one else keep an account of the listed variations and publish them on a separate website?
Q-11. Would you consider publishing a list or be willing to forward verified variations to someone else?
Consider Publishing-9
I would send variations-34

We would like to thank all who have participated in the survey, your input and comments are greatly appreciated. We would like all whom have stated that they would like to send in batch numbers, batch number locations and variations, please start doing so. Please send them to and numbers, etc., will be published on the Web Site as soon as possible.

Happy Collecting!

11 Feburary 2000
Finally some new finds in Western Maryland Toy R Us. After almost a year with out putting out a new case of MB's, I happend to walk in just after the shelf was stocked with a UNOPENED(unusual find)case. Some later 1999's(no # 99 Chevy Tahoe)and 2000's models thru #20 the 33 Ford Coupe. There was only two of each model and the two had or did not have the MATCHBOX 2000 tempa on them. I finished up #'s 1-10 with and with out Matchbox 2000 tempa, and found one of each #'s 11-20. Half with and half with out. Please when reporting new finds, also include the location of the Matchbox 2000 tempa. It is very easy to miss if you do not know where to look. Not a lot of new batch numbers to report, but some new ones found and listed. Have a good day.
Happy Collecting!
24 January 2000
The Matchbox 2000 variation page is now on line. All the models are listed and several models have been found. They are reported as with and with out batch number and with and with out Matchbox 2000 tempa. Also included is a cross reference for numbers assigned from 1997 and before, 1998 MB #, 1999 and 2000 MW #ís assigned. It is apparent that Mattel has no consideration for the numbering system. They continue this year as last to just put any number on any model. Also new to this year is a Hot Wheels type system by putting 1st Edition on the Blister Pack as they do with the Hot Wheels. Will Mattel eventually change the name of Matchbox to Hot Wheels 2? Just how hard can it be to leave the numbering system the same as it has been? Great for records keeping! New find today, #64 VW Transporter(USA Blister Pack)with out a batch number. Collection of 1999ís finally finished with this last find. New 2000ís starting to show up in the stores. Ames store in this area put out about 10 cases of MBís last week. I found 12 of the 1999ís that I did not have and 9 of the 2000, 1 each with and with out the Matchbox 2000 tempa. Have to remember to look all over the vehicle to find the Matchbox 2000 tempa, it doesnít always show up on the windshield. Plymouth Prowler has it on the trunk, Submersible has it on the back door. Large change for the Porsche Boxter this year, changed the color of the interior to black. Well folks, Enjoy this years collecting, and please continue to report batch numbers to us. Thanks to all for your support.
Happy Collecting!
2 October 1999
Have been going thru Charlie Mack's new book and have noticied a lot of missing variations that have been reported in the Monthly Updates and not reported in the new book. A few examples are the Ford Transists that were reported with A and B bases are now consolided to just "base" with out the A & B Bases. Cosmic Blues Hemi, large and small dates reported, but listed in the book with out large and small dates. Ford Mondeo, reported with and with out scale, now only in book as"with out scale mentioned". If you do as I do, I update my computer files with all the variations that are reported in the monthly update as I receive them. I brought this to Charlies attention, and he said that these were considered MINOR variations and were not going to be put in the new book. We also have talked about the batch number locations, and again Charlie has decided not to report them by location, but only to mention them, but he did report the four location variations on the 1998 Ford Bronco. There are a lot more examples, but to many to list right now. As a collector, I have used Charlies Monthly Update as a guide as to what to collect, and have done a lot of searching(as Im sure a lot of you have)for the variations listed. Now I find out that if you do not have Charlies Monthly Update, you are going to have no official record of all these other(MINOR)variations. This is not a critisim of Charlies Book by any means, so please do not take is a one. I am intrested in other collectors opinions(will not be released to anyone else)as to how they feel about these variations being left out of the New Book. Since Charlies Book is really the only one that goes into this depth, are we not going to loose these different(BUT DIFFERENT)variations? Please let me know your feelings about this by emailing me directly to as I am hopeing to get enought collectors together to convince Charlie that these different variation sould not be lost and to report these officially. I have offered to collect and combine the batch number locations found and reported and put this on a floppy disk and send it to him when it is completed. Hopefully this would releave him of some of the work on consolidating the information. Also, we have put in a new page for the 1998 ROW'S, so if you have any input on batch numbers, please let us know.
Happy Collecting!
25 September 1999
Did some batch number and some more batch number locations on the 1998 & 1999 Blister Packs. The color for October is Purple. We will leave the September 1999(Red)on for another month and then remove it. Havent figured out what color for November yet, have to see what shows up well. If anyone has any ideas on a good color, please let us know.

21 September 1999

Sent the following list of batch numbers and locations to Charlie Mack. When I sent the other list, I did not realize that I haden't sent him batch number locations with only one location. 1999 Blister Packs

#2. Ford LTD Police(Under China)(UC)3658BJ-UC-Verified
#3. Refuse Truck(Rear Axle)(RA)3658BJ-RA-Verified
#5. Ambulance(Rear Axle)(RA)3658BJ-RA-Verified
#6. Helicopter(Above Matchbox)(AMB)0019EA-AMB-Verified
#7. Scissor Truck(Right Front)(RF)0059EA-RF-Verified
#8 Airport Fire Truck(Rear)(R)3578BJ-R-Verified
#9. Ford Ltd Taxi(Under China)(UC) 0069BJ-UC-2-Verified
#9. Ford Ltd Taxi(Above Matchbox)(AMB)3578BJ-AMB-2- Verified
#10. Plane Transporter(Rear Axle)(RA)0139BJ-RA-Verified
#12. Peterbilt Tanker(By Year)(BY)3658BJ-BY-Verified
#13. Kenworth T-2000(Right of Scale/Towards Front of Base)(RS)3438ME-RS-Verified)
#13. Kenworth T-2000(Rear of Base/By Year)(BY)0059ME-BY-Verified

#14. GMC Wrecker(Front Axle)(FA)0059EA-FA-Verified)#15. Utility Truck( Rear-NOT ON REAR AXLE)(R)3758BJ-R-Verified
#16. Lamborghini Countach(Under Matchbox)(UMB)0019EA-UMB-Verified)
#17. Porsche 959-Metallic Light Bronze(Right Car Name)(RCN)0019EA-RCN-Verified
#17. Porsche 959 Dark Metallic Bronze(Right Car Name)(RCN)0019EA-RCN-Verified
#18. VW Concept(Under China)(UC)3418EA-UC-Verified
#23. Ford Box Van-Fed EX(Under Matchbox)(UMB)0069BJ-UMB-Verified
#24 Chevy Transport Bus(Under Matchbox)(UMB)0069BJ-UMB-Verified
#25. Ford Bronco II(Rear Axle)(RA)0069BJ-RA-Verified
#27. Dirt Hauler(Front Axle)(FA)0069BJ-FA-Verified
#30. Dirt Digger(Excavator)(Rear)(R)1299EA-R-Verified
#31. Mission Chopper(Front)(F)1259BJ-F-Verified
#32. Chevy Blazer(Under Car Name(UCN)1189BJ-UCN-Verified
#33. Crown Victoria Police(Under Matchbox)(UMB)1259BJ-UMB-Verified
#34. Chevy Ambulance(Rear Axle)(RA)1179EA-RA-Verified
#35. Police Motrocycle(Front)(F)(1259EA-F-Verified
#36. 99 Mustang Convertible(Above Car Name)(ACN)1259BJ-ACN-Verified
#37. Dodge Viper(Above Car Name)(ACN)1189BJ-ACN-Verified
#38. 97 Corvette(Under Car Name)(UCN)1099EA-UCN-Verified
#39.. Chrysler Atlantic(Right of China)(RC)1259EA-RC-Verified
#40. Dodge Concept(Right Car Name)(RCN)1189BJ-RCN-Verified
#45. Deep Diver(Skid)(S)1659EA-S-Verified
#47. 57 Chevy Convertible-Small Wheels(Under MB Int. Ltd.)(UMIL)1399EA-UMIL-Verifie
#50. BMW Z3(Left of Car Name)(LCN)1699EA-LCN-Verified
#54. Isuzu Amigo(Above Car Name)(ACN)1739EA-ACN-Verified
#55. Porsche Boxter(Right of Matchbox)(RMB)1339EA-RMB-Verified.

1998 Blister Packs

#40. 68 Mustang(Under China)(UC) 3498EA-UC-2-Verified
#40. 68 Mustang(Above China)(AC) 0099EA-AC-2-Verified
#46. 97 Chevy Tahoe-Dark Met. Red(Under MB Int. Ltd.)(UMIL) 0349BJ-UMIL-3-Verified
#48. Hummer(Under China/Above MB Int. Ltd)(UC/AMIL)3658BJ-AMIL
#49. Mission Chopper(Front)(F)3578BJ-F-Verified
#52. Jeep 4x4(MB-37-I)(Under China)(UC)0139BJ0UC-Verified
#53 Ford F-150(Rear Axle)(RA)3578BJ-RA-Verified
#54. Chevy K-1500(Rear Axle)(RA)3658BJ-RA-Verified
#55. Flareside Pichup(Under China)(UC)3658BJ-UC-Verified
#56. Dodge Viper RT/10(Above Car Name)(ACN) 0069BJ-ACN-2 Verified
#57. Ferrari F-40(Under China)(UC)0259EA-UC-Verified
#58. 97 Corvette(Above MB Int. Ltd)(AMIL)0179EA-AMIL-Verified
#58. 97 Corvette(Under MB Int. Ltd or Above China)(UMIL/AC)0019EA-UMIL-Verified
#59. Ferrari F-50(Front Center)(FC)3578BJ-FC-Verified
#60. Lamborghini countach(Under Matchbox)(UMB)0059EA-UMB-Verified
#66. MGF(Below Scale)(BS)0019EA-BS-Verified
#70. Mercedes(Under MB Int. Ltd.)(UMIL)3378EA-UMIL-Verified
#71. 97 Jaguar XK8(AC or UMIL) 3338EA-AC-2-Verified
#71. 97 Jaguar XK8(Below Car Name)(UCN) 0099EA-BCN-2-Verified
#72. 97 Firebird Ram Air(Under MB Int. Ltd.)(UMIL)3338EA-UMIL-Verified
#73. Mustang Cobra(Above Car Name)(ACN)3658BJ-ACN-Verified
#74. Corvette T-Top(Left of Matchbox)(LMB)3498EA-LMB-Verified
#75. 94 Camaro(Under MB Int. Ltd.)(UMIL)3658BJ-UMIL-Verified

Happy Collecting!
20 September 1999
Found 8 more batch number location variations today at Toys R Us. Though I got lucky, the clerk brought me a unopend case of Match Box vehicles. Turned out to be a case with only #'s 1-25 and some batch numbered 1998's. Lucky in a way, did find these different location variations that I had seen before but did not pick up at the time. Learned my lesson, If I think its different, pick it up. Can always return it later if Im wrong. Sent the first list of Location Variations(32 in all)to Charles Mack yesterday. It include only location variations of 2 or more. Hope to see them in the monthly update in the future. Will have to compile a list of single locations and send him that list also. Well, another day and a few dollors less in the pocket.

1999 Blister Packs

#9. Ford Ltd Taxi(Under China)(UC) 0069BJ-UC-2-Verified
#9. Ford Ltd Taxi(Above Matchbox)(AMB)3578BJ-AMB-2- Verified

1998 Blister Packs

#40. 68 Mustang(Under China)(UC) 3498EA-UC-2-Verified
#40. 68 Mustang(Above China)(AC) 0099EA-AC-2-Verified
#46. 97 Chevy Tahoe-Dark Met. Red(Under MB Int. Ltd.)(UMIL) 0349BJ-UMIL-3-Verified
#56. Dodge Viper RT/10(Above Car Name)(ACN) 0069BJ-ACN-2 Verified
#71. 97 Jaguar XK8(AC or UMIL) 3338EA-AC-2-Verified
#71. 97 Jaguar XK8(Below Car Name)(BCN) 0099EA-BCN-2-Verified

Happy Collecting!
19 September 1999
This is a list of Variations of the 1999 & 1998 Blister Packs With Different Batch Number Locations. Listed are both Verified and Reported. The Verified ones are ones that we have personally have in my collectionn. The Reported one are either ones that we have seen(and did not realize they were different at the time) or reported by others. I will send a list of these to Charlie Mack and let him decide wether to incorporate them into his book or not. I would not expect him to list the reported one, only the varified ones if he so desires. We am looking for the Reported ones with that location(any batch number) or any different locations for verification for my collection. Should anyone find any Reported ones or not reported ones, We would appriciate any reports and also to trade or pay for the ones we dont have. We can only confirm the Verified as different variations.
Until we personaly see other than varified I will not include them in the list I will sent to Charlie Mack. Although I have no doubt of others reporting,I would rather them send a list to Charlie.

1. School Bus-Left of MB(LMB) 0059EA(LMB)-Verified
1. School Bus-Below Crank Shaft(BCS)-Reported
4. Snorkel Fire Truck(Front Axle)(FA)-Reported
4. Snorkel Fire Truck(Right of Date)(RD)-3658BJ-RA-Verified
4. Snorkel Fire Truck(Above Car Name or Under MB)(ACN/UMB)-0139BJ-ACN)-Verified
11. Highway Maint. Truck(Front Axle)(FA)0019EA-FA-Verified
11. Highway Maint. Truck(Rear Axle)(RA)-Reported
13. Kenworth T-2000(Right of China)(RC)-0059ME-RC-Verified
13. Kenworth T-2000(Front)(F)-Reported
13. Kenworth T-2000(Rear)(R)-Reported
19. Ferrari F-40 w/tempa(Under China)(UC)-0059EA-UC-Verified
19. Ferrari F-40 w/o tempa(unknown weather with or without batch number)-Reported
20. Mazda RX7-Above MB Intl Lt.(AMIL)-0019EA-AMIL-Verified
20. Mazda RX7-Under MB or Right Car Name)(UMB/RCN)-1019EA-RCN)-Reported
21. 56 Ford Pickup-Large Wheels(Under MB)(UMB)-1259EA-UMB-Verified
21. 56 Ford Pickup-Large Wheels(Above MB Intl Ltd.)(AMIL)-Reported
21. 56 Ford Pickup-Large Wheels(Under MB Intl Ltd)(UMIL)-0019EA-UMIL-Verbified
22. Volvo Container Truck(Front Axle in Black)(FA)3498EA-FA(black)-Verified
22. Volvo Container Truck(Front Axle in White)(FA)-Reported
26. Cement Mixer(Right of MB)(RMB)-1299BJ-RMB-Verified
26. Cement Mixer(Under MB)(UMB)-Reported
28. Tractor Shovel W/Superfast on base(Above Car Name)(ACN)-0179EA-ACN-Verified
28. Tractor Shovel W/O Superfast on base)(ACN)-1179EA-ACN-Verified
29. Rod Roller(Above Car Name)(ACN)-1379EA-ACN-Verified
29. Rod Roller(Front)(F)-0219EA-F-Verified
29. Rod Roller(Under Car Name)(UCN)-1219EA-UCN-Reported
49. Mitsubishi Spyder(Under MB Int. Ltd)(UMIL)-1339EA-UMIL-Verified
49. Mitsubishi Spyder(Left Car Name)(LCN)-1259EA-LCN-Reported

1998 Blister Packs

39. 71 Camaro-Dark Green(Above Car Name or Right of MB)-3418EA-RMB-Verified
39. 71 Camaro-Dark Green(Under MB Int. Ltd)(UMIL)-0179EA-UMIL-Verified
46. 97 Chevy Tahoe-Dark Met. Red(Reported with batch number but no location)
46. 97 Chevy Tahoe-Met. Red(Light Red)(Right Car Name)(RCN)-3658BJ-RCN-Verified
46. 97 Chevy Tahoe-Met. Red(Light Red)(Under MB)(UMB)-0069EA-UMB-Verified
47. M2 Bradley Tank(Under MB)(UMB)-3338EA-UMB-Verified
47. M2 Bradley Tank(Rear Axle)(RA)-0099EA-RA-Verified
50. 97 Ford Pickup-Large Wheels(UCN)-3758BJ-UCN-Verified
50. 97 Ford Pickup-Small Wheels(no location of Batch Number)(Reported)
51. Ford Bronco II(Under Matchbox)(UMB)-3578BJ-UMB-Verified
51. Ford Bronco II(Under China)(UC)-3758BJ-UC-Verified
51. Ford Bronco II(Front Axle)(FA)-0069BJ-FA-Verified
51. Ford Bronco II(Rear Axle)(RA)-0139FJ-RA-Verified
56. Dodge Viper(Front Left)(FL)-3578BJ-FL-Verified
56. Dodge Viper(Above Car Name)(ACN)-3658BJ-ACN-Reported
67. Mazda RX-7-Dark Tinted Windows(Above MB Int. Ltd)(AMIL)-0019EA-AMIL-Verified
67. Mazda RX-7-Light Tinted Windows-Reported
68. Porsche 911(Front Axle)(FA)-3338EA-FA-Verified
68. Porsche 911(Rear Axle)(RA)-3338EA-RA-Verified
68. Porsche 911(Above China)(AC)0739EA-AC-Verified

Happy Collecting!
14 September 1999
Received a email from a fellow collector, asking if we could define new batch numbers form previous listings. Starting today, the new finds will be in RED. We will leave them on in RED for at least a month. We will change them back to the original color as new one's are found. I hope this will help. This way you can print the list and update it weekly or when ever, and not have to reprint the list every time. Please bare with us on this change, Im sure we will miss a few. Again thanks for all the support!
Happy Collecting!
1 September 1999
Beth has been busy adding two more pages for your information. They are the 1999 and 1998 Collectors Variation Catalog Index. They show the different vehicles by MB # 1997, MW # 1998 and 1999 that have been or have not been reported by Charlie Mack with and with out batch numbers. They also include the location and total variations found to date. As more are found or when Charlie Reports new ones, the list will be continued to be updated. I know it is a lot to ask, but I hope all valid batch number locations will be listed as valid variations. I feel that these are just as important as tinted or non tinted windows, large or small wheels, etc., examples. Please continue to report all new batch numbers and locations found.
Happy Collecting!

27 Aug 1999

Just back from Ocean City Maryland with nothing new to report. Stores are pretty well dried up. Will be adding a variation page shortly for the different 1998's and 1999 Blister Pack with and with out batch numbers found. Will be also listing all different locations the batch numbers are found at, such as the front axle, rear axle, etc. I feel these shoud be considered different variations the same as small or large wheels, tinted or clear windows, etc. I do not feel that 15 different batch numbers for the same vehicle should be considered as a variation, but will still report batch number finds on the different pages. I have emailed Mattel asking them if they can explain why the batch numbers and a possible listing of them. Should I receive such a list I will be happy to update the pages and foward the list to anyone who wants it. Thats all for now, Thanks from Frank & Beth
Happy Collecting!

19 August 1999

Just back from Houston Texas. visited about 10 Targets, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, etc. Nothing new to find. Did find a few 1-100's without batch number but nothing past #40. They are just as behind in Texas in filling the shelves as they are in Maryland. Oh well, on to Ocean City Maryland this weekend, maybe some good luck. Please view the updates on batch numbers, did find about 50 new ones.
Happy Collecting!

18 August 1999

First, we would like to give a very heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you that have contributed to this site. Your efforts, large or small, are very much appreciated.

On to business, we would like to add a Premiere page and a 10 Pack Gift Set. We know a lot of you like to leave your cars in the packaging, so please do not think we expect you to open them for us. Every collector has their own display system and your preferences are first. To those who remove the packaging and have their displays in cases, on shelves, etc. we would love to hear from you if you have any information you could share with us.
Happy Collecting!